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How to Make Unlimited Free Online Calls – The Ultimate guide

Have you ever wanted to make free calls online?

We are all scared of getting phone bills at the end of the month to pay for communicating with our loved ones who may be far away.

With advances in online communication, it is now possible to call and talk to our loved ones, friends and colleagues by entirely using the internet thus bypassing the telephone companies, and what that means is FREE Communication!

In this article, you will learn the tried and tested simple ways of how to make online communication using your phone and/or computers with an Internet connection.

Let us get started…


How Free Online Calls are made Possible

Free online calls are made possible by what is called VoIP (voice over internet phone) or simply Internet telephony where one is able to communication with another person through the Internet thus bypassing telephone physical networks.

While there are numerous VoIP methods (paid and non paid), there exist two common, efficient and reliable methods for free online communication.

  • Software Based VoIP: Here, you simply a special VoIP software on your computer or smartphone and make phone calls to other people using the same software and online.

The only requirement is your phone/computer should be connected to the Internet either via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE etc.

  • Web Based VoIP: This type of VoIP does not require software or hardware. It allows users to install browser addons and/or login to the service provider’s site and make free calls to other registered members.


Some special types of web based VoIP allows you to make calls to people using traditional mobile phones for free and mostly applicable to US and CANADA regions.

Now, Let us take a look at free popular methods one can make online free calls using the above-mentioned categories.

Software Based VoIP


KNCTR, our very own software allows you to make free unlimited calls to other KNCTR users via the Internet. This provides for an excellent way to stay connected to friends and family around the world for free.

In addition to unlimited free online calls, you are able to watch free videos within the KNCTR app and access social media.

KNCTR supports windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

Download KNCTR | More Info

2. Skype

Skype is a software based VoIP recently acquired by Microsoft, that allows you make free internet calls to other Skype users and supports various platforms such as Mac OS, windows, iPhone and Android devices.

Skype allows for other services such as picture sharing, file sharing and instant messaging.

Download Skype

3. Viber

Viber is a multiplatform application that enables you to enjoy free calls; text messaging and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere provided they too have Viber installed.

Viber requires no registration, seamlessly integrates with your phonebook and allows for HD video calling over 3G or WIFI.

Download Viber

Web Based VoIP

Web based VoIP allows you to make calls right from your browser without need for special software.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to call US and Canada based phone numbers free of charge for unlimited talk time and send unlimited messages.

Simply log in to your Google account, key in the number and call away to your friends and family in US and Canada.

2. Facebook

Facebook, the worlds leading social media network allows you to make free video calls to other logged in Facebook users, free of charge and unlimited.

Simply login to your Facebook, navigate to chat and click on the Video icon and follow instructions on how to set it up.


To make free calls online, all you need is a computer or smartphone and a good Internet connection.

With the above-mentioned methods on how you can easily make unlimited online calls for free, staying in touch with friends and loved ones could not be easier.

Enjoy making online calls and save on phone bills